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Internship @ Fox Mandal & Associates, Kolkata [2nd Prize Winner]: What I Found Dead was Atticus Finch-ism or the art of fighting for…

What I found ‘dead’ at the firm was what I’d like to call Atticus Finch-ism or the art of fighting for what one’s own conscience permits one to fight for, rather than simply fighting a case for the sake of fighting it. By Shreya Agarwal, 4th year, NLU Odisha
Internship Fox and Mandal, Kolkata

Internship @ Fox Mandal, Kolkata: Stipend Rs. 1500

I learnt that those school textbooks of moral science were all right. Patience and hard work are the keys to success, but if your success includes a law firm, extremely sound observational skills come in handy as well.
Internship Fox and Mandal, Kolkata

Internship @ Fox Mandal, Noida: For me it was just a time pass as there was no proper work

First impression was good, big office with cafeteria and first day formality was like writing in my name in the register of interns or internship register of that particular office, I was made aware of the office timings particularly and then further I was guided to their library where all the interns were suppose to sit and wait for the work.
Internship Fox and Mandal, Kolkata

Internship Experience @ Fox Mandal, Noida: Less Work More Interns, Friendly Associates, No Stipend

Lesson would be that the things that look easy should be taken seriously else it can turn the case against us only. Learnt drafting, researching. There is a lot to business law than just the Companies Act. Working in a law firm is not all that easy.

Internship @ Fox and Mandal, Kolkata: Rs. 1500 Stipend for a 2 Week Internship

This being my first internship in a top tier firm, I learnt a lot about the functioning of a top tier firm and the mechanism in which work is conducted in this kind of an environment. Work was always given to me in a very official manner and thus, a lesson in mutual respect between the associates and the interns was effectively learnt. Rupam Gupta, M.S.Ramaiah college of Law, Bangalore, 4th year