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Harendar Neel Choudhary

INTERVIEW: Harendar Neel Choudhary (of RGNUL Patiala): On BCL from Oxford, Foreign LLM Tips and his CV that Landed him at JSA

Interview by Aryan Babele, our campus leader from RGNUL, Patiala. This is an interview of Harendar Neel Choudhary, currently an Associate in Banking and Finance...
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10 Things You Should Do to Mould your CV for a Foreign LLM

I have been asked this question too many times by too many people: "I am in 3rd/4th year and still have time to mould my CV for getting accepted by my dream university. What do you think I should do to prepare myself?" By Upasana Dasgupta

Foreign LLMs for Indian Students: 10 Steps to Choose the Right College

This research will help you to identify what sets a particular university apart and whether the university has well-known faculty members in the branch of law you are interested to study. (Note this down in a separate as it will later be helpful to you while you write personal statement [7] for that university). By Upasana Dasgupta