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Internship @ Rajasthan State Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum

You come to know about the absolute realities of consumers and there is no compulsory attendance. Also, you will never be overburdened by the work you do there and there is no pressure of work as such. For first year students who have recently studied consumer laws it will be an experience to understand the practical aspects of law.

Internship @ MP Human Rights Commission: Good Work, Good People, No Stipend

I directly went to the office of MPHRC with application for internship and my college id card. They immediately registered me as an intern and they gave me a bare act of "Protection Of Human Rights Act 1993" and instructed me that Chairman of commission will discuss with you the provisions of this act.

Why a District Court Internship Should be a Must-Do for Every Law Student in India

1. Why is a District Court Internship a Must for Every Law Student in India. 2. Why Law Firms Hate Junior (1st and 2nd year) Law Students 3. Why you must intern at a district court in your first two years of law school 4. How to chose a good district court lawyer for an internship? 5. But I want to do corporate law...