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Interview of K S Anantharaman: Renowned Author and Professor of Company Law

A good teacher should look at the class as a whole. Not staring at the front benchers. Never snub any student. If you do so you have made a life time enemy.

FaculTea with Prof. Komal Audichya of Seedling School, Jaipur

I am Komal Audichya. I am 50 years old. I have done my LL.B and LLM from Panjab University, Chandigarh. Recently I am pursuing Phd. under the guidance of Prof. V.S.Mani. I have also taught in the Rajasthan University for 4 years.
Shaiwal Satyarthi CNLU faculty law

FaculTea Interview with Prof. (Dr.) Shaiwal Satyarthi of CNLU, Patna

“Law students these days” are not the foul-ups many people imagine them to be and “the good old days” were not as good as most of us remember.

FaculTea with Prof. Manish Sharma of Amity Law School Delhi (GGSIPU): Mixing Idealism and Realism; Studying at NALSAR; The Pros and Cons of Teaching

I believe in mixture of traditional and modern thinking, I believe in mixture of both socialist and capitalist ideology; I learn from the history and look forward towards future; I have faith in both religion and science; I have belief in inter-dependence and independence; I believe in idealism but do not ignore realism too.
usha ganesh ils pune

FaculTea with Prof. Usha Ganesh of ILS Law College, Pune [Part II] : I do not carry worn out note books but use...

Therefore among many examples, I tell them the cautionary tale of the itty-bitty comma that made a big difference in a Canadian court, popularly known as the world's most expensive comma. Interview by Mohona Thakur

FaculTea with Prof. Sheetal Kapoor of Army Law School, Mohali: Teaching via Movies and Chronic Optimism

As mentioned earlier my current research interests focus primarily on film studies. I do attempt to involve my students in this endeavor of mine by screening films and having discussions on them. Interview by Shreya Vajpei, Lawctopus College Manager

FaculTea: Mukesh Chouhan: Ex Faculty Indore Law Collge; A Mooting Mentor; “Failure is Delay, Not Defeat”

I believe failure is delay, not defeat. I worked hard for getting into NLIU and I was placed in the waiting list in my first attempt. Since, there was no guidance and even I couldn't see any options anymore, I felt like, it was all over. But I took this failure as my strength, worked hard and was placed in the merit. Interview by Subhashree Dash

FaculTea with Prof. V.R. Dinkar of Saveetha School of Law

To be very honest, my inspiration was the ignorance of our judges and lawyers on the subjects like science, which is nowadays an inevitable one in the civil and criminal litigation. Interview by Prerna Khatri
uils, facultea, university institute of legal studies, chandigarh

FaculTea with Supreet Gill Sidhu, Assistant Law Professor at UILS, Chandigarh: Being a Passionate Teacher

This interview has been taken by our Campus Manager, Nupur Walia. Supreet Gill Sidhu is an assistant law professor at the University Institute of Legal Studies (UILS), Panjab University, Chandigarh. She holds an LLM from London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and a BA and LLB from the Symbiosis Law School (SLS), Pune.
Profesor Shameek Sen

FaculTea with NUJS Professor Shameek Sen : Being a Happy Lazy Underachiever; Insecure 1st Batches of NUJS

Despite their laurels, the first few batches of students in NUJS were an insecure lot. One could sense that tension in the faces of even a superlative achiever as the campus interviews neared. There was a naturally consequent seriousness because of this. Today, I find students (and their parents) flaunting their contacts with the Shroffs in the Orientation Day, and very secure about their future even in an insecure job market. The seriousness factor is, therefore, sometimes lacking. Interview by Vishakha Gupta, Campus Manager, Lawctopus