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Career Talk with Anurag Parihar, Founder of Rostrum Legal: Raising Standard of Legal Education, Juggling Venture and Studies

I learnt the basics of word press & web designing by reading a lot of articles, created a website with a very simple LMS and simply launched the courses. It had a lot of technical bugs which were solved after user feedbacks but it proved to be a good Launchpad for us.

Lawctopus: The journey of “A website for law students”- Part I

And here is Lawctopus! Our earlier tagline went something like this- Lawctopus: Helping hands for law students. We soon realised that this was a bit uncool, something what Lawstudentindia was. Lawctopus: Causing whirlpools in law schools is something doing the rounds too. Today, we stand by both our taglines.