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Internship Dua Associates, Delhi

Internship @ Dua Associates, Delhi: Interesting Research Work, Comfortable Work Enviro, No Stipend

The research work was always time bound and really interesting. Learning is an important aspect of your internship as Associates might give you research notes to prepare on topics they'd like you to know about for your own benefit.
Internship Dua Associates, Delhi

Internship @ Dua Associates, Mumbai: Lots of Learning; No Stipend

Over period of 4 weeks, I learnt a lot. More than I ever expected to. I researched and collected data regarding all licenses required to open a food storage business in Mumbai, prepared a table for the same, and maintained a table of stamp duties for different types of sale deeds, assignment agreement, master rental agreements and their respective schedules across the country in different states.

Internship Experience @ Dua Associates, Delhi : Lots to Learn, Friendly Environment, No Stipend

Frankly speaking 95% of the associates in this firm are friendly and very helpful (24x7 available). They don't let the work pressure affect their behaviour towards interns working under them. This attitude is very important for the increase in the productivity of the fellow employees and interns. Sahil Tandon, Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA, IInd Year.