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Interview + Memorials: Symbiosis B Krishna IPR Moot Runners Up [Amity, Delhi]

Researching for a moot is much like researching for any other project- you first read thoroughly on the subject to get a general idea, after which you narrow the topics you want to read up in detail. One of the most important things is to first read the problem carefully, at least fifteen to twenty times.

Interview: Winners of VIPS International Moot [Nirma University]; DOWNLOAD MEMORIALS

Choose a team that follows your mantra of hard work. Moot as much as you can because this is one platform where you can learn a lot from yourself, from your team members and from other law students. You will always remember your mooting days and these will help you a lot in honing you skills.

Download SASTRA’s 2nd Best Memorials from SLCU National Moot Court Competition 2014

School of Law, SASTRA University won the 2nd best memorial award at the SLCU (Christ) National Moot Court Competition 2014. Download from links in post.