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Internship Experience @ Advocate Hiyadat Mukadam, Thane District Court, Mumbai: Learnt the Basics of Litigation

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID Udayan Sanyal, Hidayatullah National Law University, 2nd year Name of Organisation, Location (city) Advocate Hidayat Mukadam, Thane District Court,...
deepesh joshi advocate

Internship Experience @ Deepesh Joshi, Bhopal District Court: Court Visits, But Less Work

You will get frustrated because at the beginning you won't understand anything what is going on but gradually you will learn some of the basic things.

Internship @ Advocate Nand Kishore Upmanyu, Mathura District Court: Why a District Court Internship Teaches You a Lot

The senior lawyers maintain their hagemony. Apparently every lawyer is like 'aler-ego' of the other. But when they are opposite to each other in the proceedingd, the real them comes into play. By Vrinda Chauhan, Aligarh Muslim University

Internship @ Lawyers Chamber, Dehradun: Friendly Work Environment, Observing Court Proceedings, No Stipend

Internship is not merely for experience certificate. It is for experience, learning and practical knowledge.

Internship @ District Court, Dhanbad: Observing Court Proceedings, First Hand Knowledge Development

loved watching each case, although they involved the same central issues, each one was so different. There was a story behind that came in and a chance to read about them and listen to them when they spoke. Some of the cases ranged from being funny to downright bizarre. But most of the things I heard were sad.

Internship @ Chambers of Advocate Abinash Kumar, Patiala House, New Delhi: My First Step Into Law Firm

My time at the firm, albeit requesting, was from multiple points of view the most cannily fortifying background I have had in that it obliged me to think imaginatively and engineer answers for a mixture of issues.