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Internship Dua Associates, Delhi

Internship @ Dua Associates, New Delhi: Research Work, Mentors Allotted, No Stipend

The Firm for interns is easy-going and they are never straitjacketed in a particular division. The interns are also asked to draft relatively simple legal documents,research work is also assigned to the interns.
Internship Delhi State Legal Service Authority (DSLSA), Delhi

Internship @ Delhi Legal State Authority: Jail and Court Visits, Systematic Work, Rated 9/10

We visited several observation homes as well as child welfare homes under the juvenile justice board of delhi. We interacted with the children and filled in the questionnaires provided to us by DLSA. These questionnaires included details of the children such as their family background, the time span spent in the welfare/observation home, if they are satisfied with the living conditions

Internship Experience @ Gnarus Partners, Delhi: You don’t live the same day twice at the firm

Being a corporate law firm, the work ranged from drafting legal opinion to researching on the core and ancillary issues. The firm truly believes and executes its policy of “not living the same day twice at the firm”.
Internship Dua Associates, Delhi

Internship @ Dua Associates, Delhi: Interesting Research Work, Comfortable Work Enviro, No Stipend

The research work was always time bound and really interesting. Learning is an important aspect of your internship as Associates might give you research notes to prepare on topics they'd like you to know about for your own benefit.
mad make a difference internship

Internship @ Make A Difference M.A.D, New Delhi: Diverse Profiles, Learning Being a Change Maker, Rated 10/10

There are a lot of Benefits being a MADster as we call ourselves. One can sharpen his teaching skills, revise English Grammar and speaking skills and have your own little fan following. Moreover it opens the gates to other opportunities such as internships, fellowships, events of national and international importance and well acknowledged recognition all over India and even the world. By Ashay Anand, Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi. L.L.B 3rd year
sushant singh ipr lawyer

Career Talk with Adv. Sushant M. Singh, Phase I: The One Where The Law School Happened

Another failure would be lack of social relations. I was always involved in one case after another and I always pushed myself and my law firm to become bigger and bigger. In this process, human relations and social relations were kind of tossed aside.
wadia ghandy internship, law firm, delhi

Internship @ Wadia Ghandy & Co., Delhi: Co-operative Associates, Easy Interactions, No Stipend

No need to poke them, day in and out, if they like- they shall forward the same to the HR. They provide internship only for a month and in no case it stands extended. Posted by Saswatee Mohapatra. Anyone can post an internship experience HERE.

Internship Experience @ Bhasin & Co. (Lalit Bhasin’s Office), New Delhi: Clerical Work, No Stipend

In my four weeks all I did was: 1. Prepare questions for cross examination for a matter settled in 2007 (Yes you heard that right, settled and well and truly over 6 years ago) 2. Help arrange the library books (Because a law student will know that AIR 1969 comes before AIR 1970) 3. Punctuate a memo (Because associates are to busy for these little things) 4. Address envelopes
Internship Advocate Pinky Anand Delhi

Internship @ Chambers of Sr. Adv. Pinky Anand, Delhi: Drafting Work, Food Paid For, No Stipend

The best things included at the internship was firstly the associates and secondly that out of all internships I have done in the past or heard about from my friends, none gives an opportunity to witness all courts i.e. High Court, Supreme Court, CAT, National Green Tribunal, SDM'S Court, Patiala House, Tees Hazari in a single internship; added with sessions of Arbitration at the Delhi Arbitration Centre. By Priyan Garg. Amity Law School, Noida. IVth year.

Internship @ Indian Law Institute ILI Library, Delhi: Easy Selection, Light Reading Work, No Stipend

There was not much to do but read. You could utilize the time to read and find what law field interests you or just sit through 3 hours everyday doing nothing.
rakshak foundation internship

Internship @ Rakshak Foundation, New Delhi: Research Based Work, Filing RTI’s, Regular Trips, Rs. 5000/M Stipend

Environment not only means the infrastructure and other things it also means the people you work with, people from different spheres: Budding Engineers, Budding Lawyers, Budding Economists making the environment and awesome Place to work. Upmanyu Bhaumik, Faculty of Law, The ICFAI University, Dehradun, 3rd Year
singh and singh internship, pratibha m singh internship, ip internship, ipr internship, intellectual property law internship

Internship @ Singh & Singh Advocates, New Delhi: Best IPR Experience, Work with Pratibha Singh, Rs. 5000 Stipend

Getting to see the court proceedings and Maám argue with some of the best known advocates like Mr. Singhvi was a wonderful experience of its own kind. I knew nothing about IPR but these 4 weeks at Singh & Singh taught me enough to be interested in trademarks and copyright and is also helping me now in my 4th year when I'm studying IPR. By Garima Bhardwaj. IIIrd Year. Amity Law School, Delhi

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