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Internship Opportunity @ NGO, Honour, Delhi (Underprivileged Children’s Education)

To promote equal opportunities to the underprivileged children of society so that they can begin their journey from purposeless life to purposeful life. We wish to attain a world where such underprivileged children can live their life with HONOUR.
akosha internship

Internship @ Akosha, New Delhi: RTI Applications; Must Do For Budding Entrepreneurs; Performance Based Stipend

Akosha is a MUST DO internship for those of you who seek to create Start-ups and interested in E-commerce or if you want to learn Basic drafting.

Internship @ Navjyoti India Foundation, Delhi: Disciplined Work Place, Socio Economic Research, No Stipend

My experience at the NGO has proved to be a very valuable help to me so far. The kind of research and work I had been assigned has helped me a lot in my studies too.
helpage india internship, Internship Help Age India, Kolkata

Internship Experience @ HelpAge India, New Delhi: See Suffering, Become Better

Social work is essential as it makes you come out of your own fantasied world and makes you hit the harsh reality outside where there are so many sufferings. Also, one should respect their parents the most. It's the most gifted and crucial task in life!