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Internship Experience @ Chamber of Ankur Chhibber, Delhi High Court: Great Work, Great Work Environment, Free Food

The best thing about this internship was that as an intern, the work that I got was extremely good and made me broaden my horizons as a budding lawyer. By Abhinav Kumar, 2nd Year, NUJS

Internship Experience @ Sunil K Mittal and Associates, Delhi High Court: A master class in litigation

And for the lawyers I was working under, the final report was much more than a piece of information. It was more about finding medical, factual and legal inconsistencies in the evidence. By Utkarsh Jain, Jindal Global Law School, 4th year

Internship @ Advocate MG Vacher, Tiz Hazari Court, New Delhi: The earthy, practical knowledge of a district court internship

My main task was to go though case files, make a report on the same and visit the Court proceeding. Since, I was curious to understand the procedure that how a case is admitted, I was asked to go along with the the associated Advocate under whom I was appointed to understand the process.

Internship @ Vrinda Grover, Senior Advocate, New Delhi: Great for Would-be Human Rights Lawyers, Some Clerical Work, No Stipend

If your work does not meet her expectations, be prepared for some harsh comments. But at the end of the day, one gets to learn.

Internship @ Bajaj and Bajaj Associates, Delhi: Learnt Many Basics of Lawyering

By Pravesh Aggarwal. RGNUL, Punjab, 2nd Year

Internship @ Advocate Saurabh Shyam Shamsheri, Supreme Court, Delhi: A Perfect Internship

The work environment is very nice. Apart form work you get enough time to take rest. So all the times you remain energized to perform and complete the assigned task.

Internship Experience @ KK Sareen & Associates, New Delhi: Good Work, Good Work Environ

Learning does not always comes from interning under big names and top shot people, any hard working firm or advocates can make you learn a lot more than what a famous firm or advocate would.