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Internship Experience @ Samadhan, NGO, Dehradun: The intern learns the secret of being good

SAMADHAN is not just an NGO which tell us how to fight for justice; it’s like a family which tell us how to be a good person. By Rasika Singh of Seedling School of Law and Governance

Internship Experience @ Mr. Ajay Tyagi, District Court, Dehradun: Learn the ABC and the 123

By Dheeraj Kumar Tiwari, Siddhartha Law College, 2nd year

Internship @ Razia Beig Legal Firm, Dehradun {s}

First day was too interesting, joining formalities are minimum and infrastructure is good.

{S} Internship experiences which are not as detailed as we'd like them to be, but still provide useful information will be tagged with this symbol.