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Internship @ Advocate Madhav Khurana, Criminal Law Lawyer, Delhi : You will not be allowed to sit free

You will not be allowed to sit free and sir will expect you to deliver results. As a first generation lawyer in my family with no back up, I can say that for others who are like me, trying to get hard earned certificates, building a CV and who like working and are interested in learning, it's a great place to be at. By Sukriti Gandhi, Amity Law School, Delhi, 2nd year

Internship @ GS Bapna, Advocate General, Rajasthan: Attending Court Trials, Research Work, No Stipend

Work Environment was friendly. Venkateysh Garg Assistant to advocate general use to teach as practical aspects of law, how the procedure works it was his duty to assign us work he had everything in his bag for each and every Intern.