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Internship Experience @ United Chambers of Law, New Delhi: Stipend of Rs. 3500 for 15 days

The biggest lessons learnt from the firm were that no case is big enough not to crack. I wish to had spent some more time there.
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Internship Opportunity @ Vishwanathan and Co [Delhi]: Send Resumes by Email

To be eligible for Internship Program, interested candidates are required to send their resumes to the firm by post or through emails at contact@viswaco.com
Internship Luthra & Luthra Law Offices, New Delhi

Internship @ Luthra & Luthra, Mumbai: It is the right place to learn with the right people

The support staff at Luthra & Luthra, Mumbai is also equally helpful and very prompt to see to any requests you may have. They have a well stocked pantry with biscuits, chips and maggi, a fridge and microwave ovens for your lunch if you carry any and of course a coffee machine. A law firm is truly incomplete without a decent coffee machine!

Internship @ Rajani, Singhania and Partners LLP, New Delhi

The main tasks entrusted on me during my internship were preparing contracts, reading, researching. The assignments included typical corporate law work. The litigation team is strong too. Cases from the competition tribunal were also in plenty. Intellectual Property Rights work was interesting and equally rewarding in terms of knowledge

Internship Experience @ Indus Law Firm, Noida: Warm Reception, Research on Tax Laws & CSR, No Stipend

I being a third year was not given any major assignments to be handled alone. But there was a lot of research work given on the New companies Act and I made a lot of related memos and presentations. Also, research on tax laws, CSR and making due diligence were usually the task given.