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amarchand delhi internship

Internship @ Amarchand & Mangaldas (AMSS), New Delhi [Award of Excellence]: Including 4 Tips to Do Well There

Of the four law firm internships I have done till date, the AMSS New Delhi internship was the most interesting and the most enriching.
amarchand delhi internship

Internship @ Amarchand (AMSS), Delhi: Never hesitate to ask for work from associates or help from co-interns

I got through it with the help of College Internship Committee which was followed by submitting a long questionnaire which literally plunged into every aspect as if it is an off desk interview before recruitment. By Pankhuri Agrawal, NLUO, IV Year

Internship @ Strides Acrolab, Bangalore: I learnt quite a bit about medicines and drug laws

My immediate senior was undoubtedly the best part of my internship. He never let me feel like I didn’t know what I was doing. He never answered any of my queries on the spot or directly. In fact any question I asked him, he answered with another question. He basically wanted me to find the answer myself, which speaks volumes about him as a teacher.