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Internship @ National Aluminium Company Limited, Bhubaneshwar: Case Reports, Professional Environment, Separate Intern Cubicles

The members of the department were very friendly provided guidance as and when needed. There was scope of interaction with other students interning there.
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Internship @ WIPRO Ltd., Bangalore [1st Prize Winner]: Life actually pauses to take a look around in Bangalore

Life actually pauses to take a look around in Bangalore. As you enter through the big gates that spell out “WIPRO: Applying Thought” you enter a place of zen, a pocket universe where nobody is in a hurry to pass you by in the race of life but will walk with you at equal pace to guide you. By Anonymous
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Internship @ Idea Cellular, Patna: This Idea Didn’t Change Any Lives

Initially I was given around 500 distributorship agreements and was asked to arrange them. It was really very boring and tedious work. But later it was nice to have interactive session with the circle legal head as he was a really nice and he use to manage to take out sometime out of his busy schedule. By Puja Kumari, University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, III Year