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CLAT: 5 Ridiculously Simple Things Which Make The Difference

A blunt pencil will save you time in CLAT. A cold water bottle will provide the much need relief in the May month. A wrist watch is definitely better than the wall clock in the CLAT hall. A fruit just before the CLAT exam and the energy it gives and the breath of the yogi and of the CLAT aspirant!
clat tips, clat advice

6 Books and Resources That You Must Read to Crack CLAT

CLAT 2011 will most likely be held on May 15. Lawctopus will help you throughout the journey. Stick with us. We are expert drivers. We'll soon come with detailed write-ups for each section of CLAT: English, GK, Legal Aptitude, Logic Reasoning and Maths. For starters, here are six books and resources which are a must read.