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JOB POST: iJustice is Hiring a Lawyer [Delhi]; Apply by May 15

iJustice is a platform to emphasize upon the spirit of fundamental rights and the rule of law enshrined in the Indian Constitution, increase the common man’s access to a complicated judicial system and refine intellectual inputs for the judiciary and law makers.
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Center for Civil Society’s Researching Reality Summer Internship 2014; Apply by April 27

It provides interns with valuable training in areas of research, analysis, writing, and above all critical thinking. Interns study various agencies, boards, corporations, departments, schemes and programs of the state governments and Municipal Corporations; evaluating existing systems to recommend sustainable and long-term policy improvements in the functioning of government structures.

CCS’ Summer Internship Program “Researching Reality”; Apply by April 22 [RECOMMENDED]

The CCS internship program provides a greatly valued and needed learning experience in real-life application of social and economic principles and in teaching college students the skills of research, analysis, writing, and above all critical thinking. The interns would be working on the topic of research that they chose which includes research, studies, field visits and paper presentation etc.