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The Youngest Indian to Intern at the International Court of Justice (ICJ): Meet Somesh Dutta of UPES Dehradun

Entering the ‘Peace Palace’ for the first time was really exciting. The architectural beauty of the building was mesmerizing. I was lucky, in the sense that I got an opportunity to attend the judgment reading in the case of Croatia v. Serbia and the oath ceremony of newly appointed judges of the Court in the ‘Great Hall of Justice’.

Interview with Raghav Chakravarthy & Sachin Ravi; SLS Pune-ICICI Alumnus: Going About Start-Ups [Part II]

A focus on becoming aware of what direction the student wants to pursue. Investing time and effort in realizing where one wants to end up is preferable as opposed to making a quick decision based on the norm. In law school, immerse yourself in many projects/internships so that you recognize what works and doesn’t work for you.

‘A Good Home Run’ by Anubhab Sarkar [KIIT 2015]: The “Non-NLU” Journey

It is very important to have fun at what you do (for example, if you like playing football it is irrespective if you play for Manchester United or Liverpool; on second thoughts I think I will stick with Man Utd) and more importantly, it is important to be true to yourself.

Interview with Raghav Chakravarthy & Sachin Ravi; SLS Pune-ICICI Alumnus: Going About Start-Ups [Part I]

Taking the decision has not been easy. There have been a fair bit of sacrifices and conscious cut down in lifestyle choices to becoming financially sustainable.However taking the decision has been liberating and you feel vulnerable and naked of sorts letting yourself open to the world!
Nayan Banerjee, NLSIU, National Law School of India University, Career Talk, Lawctopus Interview, Deb Soc Convenor Interview

Interview with NLSIU Debating Society’s Convenor Nayan Banerjee: Know what makes NLSIU a Debating Powerhouse

Consistent practice, watching debate videos and relevant readings, both scholarly and otherwise, are valued. Similarly, watching a good movie/documentary or episodes of a good TV show (e.g. The Wire) may help your arguments more than reading some article.
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Career Talk with ILS Alumnus and AZB Associate Vasudha Asher: Not Knowing is Death

Within my first few days at work, I was slapped into understanding that I just couldn’t talk through my hat and that my opinions had to be substantiated with the relevant provisions of law. I was taught to question every single word I read.
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Career Talk with Harlaksh Singh of TURF29 | Pune’s Biggest 6 Aside Artificial Turf Football Ground

I travel extensively trying to explore and meet as many people as possible. The real world is full of opportunities and possibilities. And the people who dare, succeed. Out there, it’s not the intelligence but the application that’s important. Keep improving. Keep exploring if you haven't narrowed down on your choice of profession yet.

Career Interview with USLLS Almunus, Medha Sachdev: Amarchand and the likes are factories of mass production

Litigation was again a choice made on the basis of aptitude. I have a very bold and overpowering personality with a thirst to be around people and work best in such an environment. Closed doors and fixed timetables are not my cup of tea. But yet I don't say I have made up my mind.
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Career Talk with Symbi Alumnus Adv. Rahul Kothari of AZB & Partners

In my opinion, for the first 5-6 years after graduating from law school, one should not seek to take up a specialisation, and should try their hand at various areas of law. I feel that this gives a holistic approach to one’s career. Also, one should, at an early point in their career, take in some experience in litigation.

Career Talk with Adv. Diwakar Kishore: Working at Luthra and Luthra, Teaching at LST, Practicing at Patna High Court

I spent the first two years of my time at law school hesitant to enter any competitions or events; I was too scared to put myself out there. You can meet some really inspirational people at law school, and while it’s easy to feel intimidated, feeling scared is a complete waste of time. Interview by Mohona Thakur
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Career Interview with Sheetal Chopra, IPR Head, FICCI : Also Being a Patent Agent as a Career Option

I work very closely with government and industry on advocating for policy reforms so that a conducive environment can be built and worked upon. Enforcement issues such as issues of piracy and counterfeiting captures more of our time.
sushant singh ipr lawyer

Career Talk with Adv. Sushant M. Singh, Phase II: Real Life, Real Challenges

Once you confidently argue your case in the Court of Law with full preparation and Judge gives you good evidence then one feels very happy and can think that his career has kick started.
sushant singh ipr lawyer

Career Talk with Adv. Sushant M. Singh, Phase I: The One Where The Law School Happened

Another failure would be lack of social relations. I was always involved in one case after another and I always pushed myself and my law firm to become bigger and bigger. In this process, human relations and social relations were kind of tossed aside.

Career Interview with Senior Associate Supratim Chakraborty of Khaitan, Mumbai

However, what is indispensable is the right attitude – to be ready to work and show commitment towards work. Further, long hours of work and stress are inevitable in the profession. So learn to relax and be composed even in stressful situations. Your maturity as a professional will reflect from your composure and ability to handle tough situations calmly.

Interview with Srishti Sharma, SLS Alum @ AZB, Delhi: “Be Wary of Complacency”; “How Symbhav Changed My Life”; “Separating the Personal-Professional”

Q. Things you’d advice others to stay wary of?

A. Getting complacent! It is easy to just get stuck in the daily deadlines of –assignments, lectures etc. You should really go ahead and do something you really like even if it does not fit in with the typical law school schedule.

While its completely normal for students from other non-law colleges, law students have this tendency to look down upon extra-curriculars, which I feel is pretty sad and also harmful for us. It should be totally cool for a law school student to also be participating in dance competitions, fashion shows, plays, acapella competitions etc.

More importantly, it is good for you and leads to a more wholesome sort of a growth. So yeah, stay wary of stereotypes and complacency? Take that extra step today, now! Form a dance troupe in your college, sign up for the Teach for India programme, organize a charity drive, just do something that makes you look and think beyond law.

Skills you’d pick up while doing a Parliamentary Debate or organising a Fest, might actually be of as much (if not more) help to you more when you’re negotiating a contract or pleading in court, than that essay you might have written on “Skills of a good Negotiator”.