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Call for Papers: NALSAR’s Int’l Conference on Regional Eco Cooperation in SAARC (April 5-6); Submit by Feb 28

Conference Themes:

1. SAARC Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement : Issues and Concerns

2. Harmonization of Regulatory Mechanism in SAARC : Concern for Investment

3. Bilateralism among SAARC countries: Trade and Investment

4. GMR- Maldives Fiasco : Lessons for South Asia

5. FDI Policies in South Asia : Focus on India

6. Political Instability and Investments in SAARC : Challenges and Response

7. WTO/ TRIMS and SAARC : The Regional Experience

Call For papers: Army Institute of Law’s Seminar on “Changing Dimensions of Law in the 21st Century” (6th-7th April)

Sub Themes: 1. Victimology and emerging trends of compensation 2. Protection of human rights in Real and Virtual world 3. Intellectual Property Rights 4. Upcoming horizons under criminal law