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Internship Experience @ Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission, Bhopal: Very Less Work To Do

As per the common thinking of interns that do not intern in MPHRC is somewhat relevant but if you really wish to do work, you can do it anywhere. We used to go by 11 am and sign and then most of the time we got bored there because there was not much work done.

Internship Experience @ Aarushi NGO, Bhopal: Interact with differently-abled children

At my first day, I was given the task of interacting with the children who were mentally or physically challenged. After a week the basic task was to record the books for the blind children. By Yash Vijayvergiya, Institute of Law Nirma University, 1st year
National Centre for Human Settlements and Environment, nchse, bhopal internship

Internship Experience @ National Center For Human Settlement and Environment (N.C.H.S.E), Bhopal

One learns a lot of things. Filing of a complaint under TRAI regulations and different consumer disputes, how are they handled before any suit goes to the court. As the certificate is connected to the daily report, one has to work and time cannot be just wasted. By Apoorv Bhatnagar, ITM University, Gurgaon, 2nd Year

Internship Experience @ Social Welfare Association of Neo Socialites (SWANS), Bhopal: Training Underprivileged Children, Street Plays

Work environment is beautiful, where volunteers from all across the city spare time and help these children. Every individual was a living source of inspiration by themselves.