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Internship Experience @ Advocate Rajnish Barya, District Court, Bhopal: A Jolly LL.B Come True and Lesson in Read, Read, Read

You have a lot to learn. It makes you aware about the fact that how things work on a very basic level. Many people live in a dream world where they just argue in English like people do in movies. Its nothing like that. One must work day and night to earn the bread and butter. By Apoorv Bhatnagar, ITM University Gurgaon, 2nd Year

Internship Experience @ Chaudhary Law Associates, Bhopal: Cocky lawyers, belligerent criminals, angry judges and magistrates

Vijay is proficient in both criminal and civil law disputes plus his son Vivek Chaudhary has a good amount of hot shot cases at National Green Tribunal (NGT). Hence, unlike others I could get an understanding of court proceeding in both criminal and civil matters and simultaneously there were regular visit to NGT. By Samarth Sharma, WBNUJS, 2nd year

Internship @ Chaudhary Law Associates, Bhopal : Beautiful Bhopal, Good Learning Enviro; Rs. 2000/M Stipend

They gave me the cases, the trial of which was to be conducted that day and then after reading those cases, I used to proceed with them to the court for listening the arguments and pleadings. I was also given research work relating to Environmental matters, which are filled in National Green Tribunal by them.