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Internship Experience @ Chaudhary Law Associates, Bhopal: Cocky lawyers, belligerent criminals, angry judges and magistrates

Vijay is proficient in both criminal and civil law disputes plus his son Vivek Chaudhary has a good amount of hot shot cases at National Green Tribunal (NGT). Hence, unlike others I could get an understanding of court proceeding in both criminal and civil matters and simultaneously there were regular visit to NGT. By

Internship @ Chaudhary Law Associates, Bhopal : Beautiful Bhopal, Good Learning Enviro; Rs. 2000/M Stipend

They gave me the cases, the trial of which was to be conducted that day and then after reading those cases, I used to proceed with them to the court for listening the arguments and pleadings. I was also given research work relating to Environmental matters, which are filled in National Green Tribunal by them.