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DRAFT PETITION: B.C.I Should Create an All India Law Students Grievance Redressal Authority (LASGRA)

Law students in India have wide-ranging serious complaints against the law schools/colleges they are studying in. The complaints range from issues like bad mess food and low internet connectivity to allegations that the top-most law school administrators are indulging in mal-practices and infringing the fundamental rights of the students. This is to petition the Bar Council of India (BCI) to create a a two pronged Grievance Redressal Body for law students in India.

Bar Council of India Invites Suggestions for the Legal Education Committee

Through this communication, suggestions are invited from persons, academics, students , lawyers, organizations, institutions or any authority/ individual in legal field or non legal field to suggest ways and means for improving legal education in the country. Email at: info@barcouncilofindia.org