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Interview with Nirma Students Who Won the 30th BCI Moot + Download Memos | The Whatsapp Group Called Jeetne aye hai, Jeet k Jayenge

This is a competition and every team is giving it their best shot. So a consistent effort which was used by a team to gain some leverage, now becomes an average. Here comes the effect of intensity. The amount of intensity put in by a team in their preparation gives them some leverage above others. So a consistent intensified effort for a month is required to win any competition.
Bar Council of India moot, Interview: Winning Team [ILNU, Ahmedabad] of 31st Bar Council of India Moot 2015

BCI Trust’s 30th All India Inter-University National Moot Competition [Nov 7-9]: Register by Oct 5

Only the Universities are eligible to sponsor teams consisting of Three Students (two mooters & one researcher). Law colleges outside the Universities must get in touch with the Universities to which they are affiliated and get their nominations sent through the Deans/registrars.