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Internship @ Shardul Amarchand & Mangaldas, Delhi: Grand Office, Corporate Research

Amarchand's office itself, like I mentioned before, it is a very fancy place and makes you feel like an important corporate lawyer who can achieve anything!
amarchand delhi internship

Internship Experience @ Amarchand Mangaldas AMSS, Delhi

At times it gets pretty difficult to work for yourself since there is a significant dearth of work stations at Amarchand! Not something that is expected of the biggest law firm of the country, but yeah!
amarchand delhi internship

Internship Experience @ Amarchand Mangaldas, Ahmedabad

The associates at Amarchand Ahmedabad are mostly from Gujarat National Law University and extremely nice. They ensure you learn and constantly provide research tasks and appraisals. Since it is a new setup (only started in 2012), the staff is relatively young and evenings generally mean a treat by someone in the form of vadapav/coffee or icecream !

Samvaad Tells You How to Get an Internship or a Job at Amarchand Mangaldas

The adaptability of the prospective candidate, overall personality, communication skills, and finer personal traits like dedication, hard work, ethics is also equally important for recruiters in an on-campus placement. During the process of internship, the over all work performance is taken into consideration by the recruiting law firm to consider the eligibility and merit of the internee. The law firm also considers aspects like quality of work, ability to co-ordinate, team spirit, punctuality, and diligence.

Career Interview with USLLS Almunus, Medha Sachdev: Amarchand and the likes are factories of mass production

Litigation was again a choice made on the basis of aptitude. I have a very bold and overpowering personality with a thirst to be around people and work best in such an environment. Closed doors and fixed timetables are not my cup of tea. But yet I don't say I have made up my mind.