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Internship @ Shardul Amarchand & Mangaldas, Delhi: Grand Office, Corporate Research

Amarchand's office itself, like I mentioned before, it is a very fancy place and makes you feel like an important corporate lawyer who can achieve anything!
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Internship @ Amarchand (AMSS), Delhi: Never hesitate to ask for work from associates or help from co-interns

I got through it with the help of College Internship Committee which was followed by submitting a long questionnaire which literally plunged into every aspect as if it is an off desk interview before recruitment. By Pankhuri Agrawal, NLUO, IV Year
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Internship Experience @ Amarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh and Shroff & Co. AMSS, Delhi

Employees and work culture is very good. I don’t have words to say how good the employees are? They are so humble, so supportive so down to earth that you don’t feel that you are working as an intern in such a big firm.

Internship Experience @ Amarchand Mangaldas (AMSS); Kolkata: No Stipend, Rated 8/10

I had come with prejudices of being grilled a lot at work but then actually being there changed my opinion. The work atmosphere at Amarchand is good and associates were very approachable.