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Internship Experience @ Centre for Social Justice, Ahmedabad: Lots of Research Work

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID Anonymous Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength Centre for Social Justice, Ahmedabad. A staff of around 20, most...

Internhip Experience @ SRISTI School of Art, Design and Technology, IIM, Ahmedabad

The work environment there was very good. I was working under Prof. Anil Gupta, in his office in IIM Ahmedabad. So, the infrastructure there was very good. By Shantanu Gupta, GNLU, Gandhinagar

Internship @ SEWA Self Employed Women’s Agency, Ahmedabad : Bad Work Environment, Terrible Work, No Stipend

After a very disappointing first day, I was called by the head and told I shouldn't expect any money for what I was doing. What a fail. Not that I expected any, but she squashed the little hope I had as well. They are the largest Self Help Women's NGO in all of Asia and get grants by the dozen, so you can imagine why I had some hope.