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Internship @ Advani & Co, Mumbai: ADR Law Firm, Special attention give to all interns

Life at Advani & Co. has changed me; I am a much more self-motivated person. The co interns are my friends and we are in contact though we are not from the same city. By Veena Goswami of Bangalore Institute Of Legal Studies Bangalore

Internship @ Advani & Nehru, Pune: You don’t feel that you are merely an intern

The firm was quite simple when talking about its first impression over me. There were no such first day formalities to be fulfilled. They make you work right from the first day. The partners and associates there were very humble and helpful.

Internship @ Advani & Co., New Delhi : Awesome Team, Drafting Assignments, No Stipend

I called up their office on the number mentioned on the website. The receptionist directed me to send an email to Mr. Shashank Garg who approved my internship for the month with a few hours (I was jumping with joy!)