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International Conference of Jurists and Writers 2015 [March 29, Mumbai]

The International Conference is being jointly organized by International Council of Jurists, International Commission of Writers, Department of Law, University of Mumbai, All India Bar Association and Indian Council of Jurists.
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Internship @ Adish Aggarwala Law Chambers, Delhi: Clerical Work, Friendly Atmosphere, High Profile Visits, Rs. 6000 Stipend [3rd Prize Winner]

The most important thing to keep in mind when applying is to mail him sufficient number of times till you get a reply, also when you call him, you should mention the name of your college, bold and loud. That’s one of the major criteria of selection. Another tip worth mentioning: A laptop is a must as well as the ability to depict oneself as hardworking and persevering.

Dr. Adish C. Aggarwala National Legal Essay Writing Competition 2014: Submit by Oct 26

The theme is broad in nature. The participants can also take up any particular section/ issue/ changes introduced or any new concept incorporated for writing under the International law. THEME: INTERNATIONAL MARITIME PIRACY IN THE HORN OF AFRICA : INTERNATIONAL LEGAL & POLITICAL RAMIFICATION

OPEN Position: Long Term Traineeship at A.A.Law Chambers, Delhi; Stipend of 6000/Month

A.A Law Chambers, a well-established law firm based out of Delhi and Mumbai, is offering long term traineeships for its Delhi office. The trainee shall be having an opportunity to directly work under: Dr. Adish Aggarwala, Senior Advocate (Special Counsel, Government of India, Chairman, All India Bar Association).