Internship at T S Law Chambers, Delhi: Learning And Growing


Name, College And Year 

Vanshika Thapliyal, Faculty of Law, Delhi University, 1st Year Student

Name Of Organisation And Address 

T S Law Chambers, Office of Mr. Tushar Sannu, Advocate, Delhi High Court 269, Rama House, Third Floor, 301-302, Masjid Moth, Delhi – 110049.

Application Process With Contact Details

You have to send your cover letter, along with your CV at A telephonic/personal interview will be scheduled, if shortlisted.

Duration Of Internship And Timings

July 1, 2021 – Present

9.30am – 7pm (court days)

10:30 – 7pm (other days)

My Experience 

To begin with, I would like to mention that I am a first – year Law student at The Faculty of Law, Delhi University, and that this is the very first law internship I have ever undertaken.

Amidst the Pandemic and the monotony of online lectures, I decided that it would be best to get hands-on experience by way of an internship to understand this dynamic field better, and by virtue of that, I applied to TS Law Chambers/Office of Mr. Tushar Sannu. I had learned about this office through a trusted senior, who guaranteed me that I would get to learn a lot here. And in that regard, the said objective came to fruition.

As I was a fresher and hardly had any prior experience, I felt nervous. However, my seniors briefed me on the very basics of how a Law Chamber functions and the tasks that are taken on a day-to-day basis. At first, it was slightly intimidating, but with the unwavering support of my fellow colleagues, things started to fall in place shortly. 

Main Tasks

Here are some of the points to concisely sum up my one-month stint at TS Law Chambers.

  1. Although I was an intern, I was never treated like one. I was given responsibility like any other professional, and this inculcated within me a sense of belongingness, to my work, to my colleagues and to the office as a whole.
  2. For every task I undertook, however big or small, I was given constructive feedback regarding it. This feedback mechanism helped me understand my strengths as well as my weaknesses, and further motivated me to achieve better results.
  3. I could see the direct result of the work being done by me. My efforts were realised, appreciated, and at times when I failed to deliver, they were reprimanded too.
  4. My primary tasks included making Brief Notes, Research Notes, List of Dates, Summary of Proceedings, and how could I forget- lots of reading and researching!
  5. There is tremendous value for people at the workplace, and for me, that is a pre-requisite for a positive work environment. It is exactly the kind of place which is conducive for growth, both professionally, and personally.
  6. My queries were always answered by my seniors. I was never frowned upon for asking the silliest of things. Rather, my questions were encouraged and addressed with utmost regard each time.
  7. Tushar Sannu Sir, personally took out time to have a word with me on a day- to- day basis, giving me feedback on my progress and imparting lessons that are needed to excel in the field. 
  8. There have been times when I had been asked to give feedback on the work done by my seniors too. This made me feel like my opinion was valued, even if I am at the nascent stage of my career.


I genuinely believe I have grown as a professional in a span of one month. I have made mistakes; I have been reprimanded for them. I have felt disheartened. But in hind-sight, I believe that I have more knowledge, confidence, and a better work ethic, as compared to the first day I had come in, and for these exact same reasons, I have been fortunate to extend my internship period for another month.

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  1. Hey Vanshika!
    Could you please share any contact number or landline number associated with the chambers? I’ve not been able to find any online.


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