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My Life at Symbiosis Law School: A Sneak Peak into a Law student’s Life


Full name of your college

Symbiosis Law School, Noida


Uttar Pradesh






Full Address

62-A Block Phase, 47/48 Opposite Nokia Siemens Building Sector, 2, Block-A, Industrial Area, Sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh – 201301.

Good things about the University based on your personal experience

The best part about the college is that it is located near the National capital which is an advantage for students as they get great internship opportunities in Delhi High Court and the Supreme Court.

Moreover, Delhi is quite good for law firms and one has a lot of options here.

The other benefit that students get here is the brand name of Symbiosis as Symbiosis is said to have a very good reputation amongst private law colleges.

The infrastructure of the college is well-built and spacious along with greenery and sanitation.

Furthermore, every now and then there are guest lectures and certificate courses that are being organized which is free of cost and students are free to attend these courses and guest lectures.

They can take inspiration from these guest lectures and can enhance their skills through these courses.

Bad things about the University based on your personal experience

The placement cell which is very well-known for giving placements is only able to give placements to a few students in top tier firms.

The rest of the students have to manage on their own and struggle hard in order to get jobs.

The college has only one badminton court, one basket ball court, a football ground and a volleyball ground which leaves the students with very few options for sports as there are no facilities for swimming, tennis and other sports.

The college cafeteria is quite congested and only a few students can sit and eat in the cafeteria.

How’s the faculty?

Some faculty members are quite helpful and their teaching methods are quite easy to understand.

However, some of them don’t have sufficient experience or knowledge of the subject which makes it tougher for the students to do well in their academics.

The examination department of the college is not supportive or helpful and is unable to address the issues of the students. Very frequently this leads to situations where students have to go through stress and anxiety as their issues are left unresolved.

Rate the faculty out of 5


How’s the infrastructure? Mention some of the things that exist.

The infrastructure is well-maintained, clean and green. There is a new library which is quite spacious and provides all genres of books with lockers for students, making it convenient for the students.

There is a basement parking for students who commute through their own vehicles and there is a proper security system on each gate.

Rate the infrastructure out of 5


How’s your hostel experience?

Honestly speaking I don’t have an experience staying in the hostel as I reside with my family in Noida itself.

Rate your hostel experience


How are your peers?

Personally speaking then my peers have always been there in my good and bad times and we all have made it through together.

It will be your peers who will help you out during your project submissions and even help you out to understand the topics that you struggle with.

So I would recommend that if you stay in a circle that is focused then that will help you to get through your college life quite easily.

Rate your peers out of 5


How are the placements in your college?

The placements are provided only if one passes the LEAP test which is a workshop for students where students learn about resume building, LinkedIn profiling and communication skills.

Therefore, placements are only provided to those students who make through this workshop. However, amongst the ones who have passed the test the percentage of students who are placed in top tier firms is quite less.

The rest of the students have to struggle hard in order to get placed with a good law firm. Placements also depends on personal contacts.

Rate the placements out of 5


How are the co-curriculars in your college?

The co-curriculars especially moots are the best part about college. One can participate in moot court competitions and experience the courtroom aura through these experiences. 

These competitions help in developing the mooting skills of the students for the future.

Fests are the limelight of our college and every year a guest is invited to the college and students get to engage in various activities like symvogue, flash mob, dance and various club activities.

Rate your college in terms of co-curriculars out of 5


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The old building of the college where all the students rehearse for various competitions nowadays is being renovated as of now.

What are some of the things you’d advise to a 1st year aspirant who enters your college?

In my opinion a 1st year student should start engaging in activities from the 1st year itself.

Further I would recommend them to apply for internships on their own rather than applying through college because sometimes the internship provided to you will not satisfy your expectations.

One should decide whether they want to go for corporate or litigation as soon as possible. And mooting would be best for the ones who intend to go into litigation.

The ones who are interested in applying for corporate firms should write more research papers on topics related to the corporate sector.

If you start chilling for the first 2 years then you might get hopeless in your last few years which can mess up your entire career. So its best to prepare from the initial stage if one is a goal-oriented person.

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