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SYMINARET 2018 EL Debate Contest by Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad [March 9-10]: Register Now

By: symbiosis law school hyderabad | March 6, 2018

EL Debate

Devise, Discuss, Deliberate

Get over the previous debating experiences, the King of all debates is here. New form, New style, New Experience! Come join us in the most exciting, enthralling & enthusiastic display of debating skills.

A debate with a twist, each trio must establish and put forward their stance within the specified time.

The Agendas for the Debate are as follows:

  1. Should the flow of refugees be governed by the two sovereign states and not the international bodies?
  2. Sophia in a recent interview talked about “Destruction of Humans”. In this reference, should Artificial Intelligence like Sophia be allowed to evolve into a complete replacement of manual labour?
  3. Should prisoners be allowed to exchange prison time for lab testing?
  4. Former President of the United States Barack Obama emphasized on the “common sense” gun laws. In this reference, should associations like the NRA & The stance of the political parties be in accordance with common sense gun laws?
  5. Is the 2018 collapse of the crypto currency market an indication of the loopholes present in the system?

Out of these five, three topics will be selected & communicated on the spot. So be prepared with all of these and give your best to win exciting prizes!


For further queries contact:

  • Dylan: 09704940851
  • Sindhu: 08374489862
For further details, click here.


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