Symbhav 2015: Symbiosis Law School Pune’s Fest [Feb 20-22] [UPDATED]

Symbhav began as a vision shared by some of our most illustrious alumni in 2009 as a platform to showcase the underrated cultural and extra-curricular talent of Symbiosis Law School, Pune.

Law colleges in India are often typecast as being extremely career-oriented and all about the work.

Not much has changed for SLS Pune since then as is evident from our steady rise to being the 4th best law college in India today.

However, what changed in 2009 was that along with academics, the constant effort by our past students gave birth to the ultimate form of the college student community’s expression that is “Symbhav”.

In 2009 in its inaugural edition itself, Symbhav received an overwhelming response from all of the other colleges in not only Pune but India as a whole, making the first edition a resounding success.

More significantly, Symbhav brought the students of the college as well as other colleges together in a way that nothing ever had before.

Following year after year, Symbhav has grown strength from strength, beat to beat and Rhythm to Rhythm with each year embodying specific themes.

This year, Symbhav 2015 promises to be legitimately bigger in terms of scale with the campus shifting from S.B Road to its sprawling new address in Vimaan Nagar.

Come 2015, we hope to raise the bar even higher than before and set a new standard for college festivals in Pune.

The Facebook Page is HERE.

The Website is HERE.

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