Swaniti Winter Fellowships 2015; Apply by Dec 12

Swaniti Initiative is looking for outstanding professional(s) to work as Swaniti Fellow(s) to Elected Representatives in India. Young impassioned individuals with a background in consulting/research/public policy are invited to apply. The duration of the fellowship is 10-12 weeks (Full Time) and the following are the responsibilities of a Swaniti Fellow:

1. Project execution – The fellow will work closely with the elected representative and engagement manager to identify, clarify and resolve the complex development problems over the course of swaniti engagement. The fellow should be able to work effectively with the client through all stages of the engagement including implementation of development program in constituency

2. Field visits to assigned parliamentary constituencies- The fellow will lead the on-the-ground research work and should be willing to travel to different parliamentary constituencies as per the requirements of the assigned project. The fellow will conduct interviews with multiple stakeholders such as government officials, civil society representatives, media organizations and local councilors. He/She will also be expected to document his findings and present a holistic analysis of the on ground situation to Swaniti team and subsequently to the client as well.

3. Policy research and data analysis – The fellow will work with the engagement manager to develop high quality research reports/case studies on government schemes and successful development models in India. Reports would consist of documenting fellowship experiences, developing knowledge reports for Members of Parliaments, identifying and developing cases for best practices and developing policy.

Some sample engagements are as follows:

1. Andhra Pradesh: Promoting sustainable practices for access to clean drinking water

2. Maharashtra: Enhancing livelihood opportunities for tribal women

3. Madhya Pradesh: Developing sustainable farming techniques for rainfed areas

4. West Bengal: Strengthening market linkages for horticulture farmers

Desired Skills & Experience:

1. Young professionals with at least a Bachelors/Undergraduate degree from a reputed university

2. 2 to 4 years of work experience strongly preferred

3. Strong communication skills

4. Excellent academic and professional track record

5. Strong interest in Indian governance and development

Email at [email protected]

Please refer to the original announcement HERE.

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