Swaniti works to translate political will for developmental solutions into programs on the ground. Currently, elected officials lack the bandwidth for the ‘HOW’ to bring development solutions, yet they have the resources to make a tremendous mark, which often get misallocated or wasted.

Swaniti has pioneered two programs to address this:

a) ‘on the ground support’ of development experts who catalyze programs or

b) knowledge insights and training to elected officials for self directed programs.

Swaniti has worked with over seventy MPs and MLAs on its knowledge initiative and on the ground support. For further information about our engagements or knowledge support please click on the link.

Swaniti is now recruiting!

Job Description [Swaniti Fellow]:

a. Work with Member(s) of Parliament and Legislators on Swaniti Engagements where Fellows would work on research or program implementation as taken on by the Swaniti Team under the supervision of the Engagement Manager

b. Support in conducting research, and other additional support as recommended by Engagement Managers, for Parliamentarians and Legislators.

c. Lead any outreach efforts, as required by the Swaniti Team, in order to promote engagements and help disseminate information about the Swaniti work

d. Provide research support for development of knowledge outputs and other Research and Development activities as undertaken by Swaniti

e. Support Swaniti team in any other way required as deemed appropriate by the Engagement Manager


a. At least an undergraduate degree (Bachelor’s or equivalent) from premier College or University in India or abroad

b. Excellent academic and professional track record

c. Experience in collection, compilation and analysis of data

d. Specialization in the area of livelihood and/or gender (preferable)

e. 1-3 years of work experience (preferable)

Duration of Employment.

This is a full time opportunity with Swaniti with a minimum one-year commitment.

Applications are available here.
Application Deadline is May 2nd, 2014 at 5 pm IST.

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