Internship Experience @ SVS Associates, Jabalpur: Supportive Associates, Good Library


Pushpendra Mohan Garg

3rd Year

Duration of Internship

January 11, 2016- February 10, 2016


I first arrived in Jabalpur by Intercity Express around 11.00 a.m. I checked in to a Hotel near High Court as I had no relatives living in the place. In the evening, I reported in the office where I met Siddhartha Gupta Sir, under whom I interned, and his associates.

He told me to join in from the next day after settling my living place.  Next Day, I went to many places to see the room or Paying Guests. But I found the one in Yadav Colony ( R.K. Hostel ).

Dress Code

Proper black coat, pant, white shirt, a black tie and black shoes.


9.30 a.m. = Office

11.00 a.m.- 5.00 p.m. = High Court

7.00 p.m.- 10.00 p.m. = Office

Though the timings may look scary but they are/were worth living.

Work Place

1. The Office is very big and separate cells are made for every associate.

2. All the associates were very supportive and active. They always helped in every problem and made me learn whatever they knew.

3. Sir had the best Library and all the books are up to date. He had books for every topic.

4. Jabalpur High Court’s building is one of the best structure I have ever seen.

5. The Court rooms are very beautiful and so much inspirational and appealing in the same way.


In the morning reporting time, Sir used to assign work to every associate including me. I was provided a Cause list which had the no. of cases which we had in the same day in the High Court. We had to move to the Courts while being updating looking in the Case Board (TV). I had to hear the matters in motion.

In the evening, Sir used to make me sit where he used to give dictations to the steno. After which, he gave me different names of the files which I had to read and later he used to ask about it. Here I certainly felt lucky as this doesn’t happen so often when an intern is seriously checked regarding his work.

Here comes the seriousness in one. He also assigned me to write an article. Research work was the basic thing which one has to do. Sir was also very caring as he did his best in getting me a living accommodation.


Truly speaking, If you don’t have a relative here, then it will be easily going to wash your hands. In my internship for a month, it costed around Rs. 5000, But I don’t regret it as I am greatful that I have been assigned work by Sir.


There are many good facilities here such as Rickshaws, Autos and Buses. The buses are called Metro buses which are available till 9 p.m.. Autos are 24×7 available. I traveled most of the time with his associate whose route was same as mine.


As I was living in a Hostel, The Mess was not there. Tiffin system is fully active and the food of the tiffins are also very hygienic and good. It may not be like a hotel or home one but still it is a home like food (phn no.9827581256). Jabalpur’s Chaat is very famous and tasty as well.

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