Internship Experience @ SVCT, New Delhi: Work for people who are in prison and serve their family with their needs

Your Name

Ayush Srivastava

Name of Organisation

Siddhartha Vashishta Charitable Trust, Janakpuri East, New Delhi.

Application Process

No as such application process is required here.

Just a mail will serve the purpose.

Mail the internship period to Mentor over there and if they have vacant seat then they will reply you back with a confirmation mail.

Duration of internship

Dec 11th, 2013 – Dec 30th, 2013

First impression

Location was nice.

First day we went to the office and were asked to fill the formalities as a intern.

We were given Identity Card and a diary to report down each and every thing which I have done there.

Infrastructure was like Two room office fully wifi and having a seminar room.

It was nice overall.

Main tasks

It is a NGO.

Works for people who are in prison and serve their family with their needs.

Teaching small children who cannot afford expensive education.

Helping the women regarding their basic rights and needs.

Rally for the breast cancer awareness.

Work environment and people

Mentor there was seriously a person I admire.

He was full of knowledge and used to tell us many unknown facts.

People there were the one who were once in prison and were helpful and sincere towards their work.

Best things

Meeting the families of the prisoners and experiencing their life.

Teaching small children and answering there innocent questions.

Trust me; best experience !!

Bad things

Being a law student, I thought there was something in the field of law but then it was just social work.

No learning in law !


No stipend was given.

But the travel expense from NGO to any place was given and food.

Lunch was simply awesome !!

Biggest Lessons

How to teach small children.

Telling women about their rights.

How a prisoners family live without any individual who can earn for them.

Any Other Thing

It can be conclusion like SVCT is a place for those who want to do something social.

If being in law you want to go there then it is just a waste.

There is lot to give your experience to young ones and make them the best.

Social work !

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