Supreme Court of India Blog (SCOIBlog) Launched by Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy. Check it Out!

The Supreme Court of India Blog (SCOIBlog) has been launched by the Vidhi Cenre for Legal Policy. It’s in beta version for now and regular updates can be expected soon!
Check out the blog HERE.

This is what they say in the about page.

The Supreme Court of India, our nation’s highest Court of appeal, is a unique and remarkable institution.

Unlike any other Supreme Court in the world, it is composed of anywhere between 25 to 31 judges, sits in 14 court rooms every day, and hears and disposes about 160 regular hearing matters and 1350 admission matters in a week. 

Decisions of the Supreme Court have undeniable significance in our daily lives, and traditional media has failed to provide comprehensive coverage of regular developments at the Supreme Court.

SCOIblog aims to fill this lacuna, by being the only media resource dedicated to reporting on the Indian Supreme Court’s activities in a systematic and objective manner.

Our aim is to provide a space for reportage and analysis of contemporary Supreme Court judgments, ongoing cases, petitions and functioning, where a lay audience can appreciate them correctly and in context.

This resource is aimed at providing easy access to independent reporting and informed debate on the Supreme Court through the publication of independent, high-quality content by lawyers, legal academics, and journalists.

SCOIblog is an initiative of the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy. For more information on Vidhi, please click here.

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