Check Out for Some Good Career Interviews on Law [AND Why Nearly All the 14 Lawctopus’ Copy-Cats Suck]

By Tanuj Kalia

In the past few years, we’ve seen lots of Lawctopus’ copy-cat websites emerging. We had fourteen [14] as per our last count.

Without a shred of a doubt, we hate all of them.

Firstly, nearly all of them represent the worst form of mindless imitation. Copying ideas and improvising on them is great, makes for a healthy competition which results in improvement all around and we’d welcome that. 

But most of our worthless brethren do NOT just copy the idea, but also copy, mindlessly, the specific elements of Lawctopus, like the format of internship experiences etc., the exact ‘call to action’ of our newsletter etc. I mean, can’t you copy-cat chaps come up with a singular new idea?

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Secondly, most of these copy-cat websites do not have an iota of ‘quality’. Their design, the content, the intent and nearly everything else sucks!

We refuse to support them. Also, why should we support competitors?

But then, is Lawctopus a mean and monopolistic (some one has actually called us that) online creature? Maybe we are that. But we do not want to be that sort of a jerk.

The world is big for everyone to fit and ‘s.ha.r.i.n.g’ really is the word that defines Lawctopus. So actually, we’d love to support a competitor doing good work!

There’s so much ‘more’ to be done than what Lawctopus is doing. Here is one such site, SuperLawyer, focused on doing one thing with ‘quality’: Career Interviews.

We’ve carried out a few career interviews on Lawctopus as well, but SuperLawyer is targeted, does interviews better and has already done a lot of them.

So check out HERE NOW!

PS- We’ll be doing more interviews on Lawctopus too, carrying on with our ‘monopolistic’ tradition! 🙂 And despite the smiley, we are not kidding.

[Below: SuperLawyer Logo]

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