Summer Experience @ IIIT Bangalore: Worked on Aadhaar Technology and its Impacts on People

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IIIT Bangalore, Karnataka


02nd May 2019 to 30th Jue  2019

Application Process

Apply through IIIT Banglore Official website. it’s a summer internship so start checking for the notification from April end.

First Day Formalities Initial Impressions

I was required to submit the mails notifying my selection and the concerned professor to the reception right on arrival. Then I was asked to fill up a form. I went to work from the next day onwards.

Main Tasks

As I was working with the public policy group at IIIT-B, they were working with Aadhaar, technology and its impacts on people. The work entailed mostly of social science but since I was from a law background, I got to draft an entire report on the trajectory of Aadhaar right since previous attempts at national biometric IDs, inception of Aadhaar, relevant bills discussion, the privacy case to international law and case studies of National IDs.

Good Things

Endless list but I’ll try to focus on the most important, which are as follows:

  1. I worked with Prof. Bidisha Chaudhari who gave us ample freedom to choose topics and Research. She explained the problem to me in the simplest terms since I was not from a technological background. Just make sure that you send your work within the time frame.
  2. My co-workers were from different academical background from a post-doctoral student of sociology to masters of political science. It gives a wholesome experience.
  3. Since I went during the later months of summer when monsoon sets in Karnataka, I couldn’t go for a lot of field visits. I found field visits to be a great experience since we focus mainly on classroom teaching in India.
  4. I could work from anywhere on campus apart from my desk at the Public policy centre- The terrace, the conversation pit, the cafeteria, room etc. At the end of the day, your works matter regardless of how you got it done.
  5. I also worked on aadhaar’s impact specifically on women regarding which I was offered a free basic course on human behaviour research so that I could go on field visits and Research according to ethical guidelines.
  6. Common purpose along with IIIT Banglore organised an inclusive leadership programme in June. The programme brought together people from different nationalities like the UK, France, Iran etc and posed local challenges that we’d later solve through our combined academic and cultural skills. It was a culturally enriching experience and made some really good friends. Plus if you like the British accent you’ll have ample time to work on it. We were also taken to different organizations to understand how they work to address local issues. I got to visit Infosys Banglore office, which is a sprawling campus with amazing Infrastructure. We were introduced to Infosys’s corporate social responsibility schemes by the head of CSR herself. we were then taken on a visit atop an electric golf cart around the campus since Infosys is a minimum carbon footprint campus. we were lastly treated to a high tea at the Infosys banquet hall.
  7. Since it’s Banglore, you’ll have amazing places to eat and shop. Plus there are amazing plays at numerous places in Banglore. Plus, they have “yulu bikes” which provides bicycles and electric bikes at amazing rates. I roamed around Banglore, from electronic city to Koramangala on these bikes.
  8. I was given a stipend of 8k for two months in addition to free accommodation and free food at all times at IIT Bombay mess.

Bad Things

Nothing bad with the internship at all but since the electronic city is around 20km from the main city, it’s quite a hassle to travel to the main city but there are buses which easily connects it to all the important places.

The infamous rumour of Banglore traffic is real though. Secondly, since IIIT is an engineering college and even most of the interns were from such a background, for me, it was quite difficult to find common grounds to bond upon with most people but I found some really great friends at the end- both NIT and core engineering people. So not a bad thing actually.


8000/1000 for each week

Accommodation Commute

At IIIT Banglore hostel. Single room.

Other Info

  1. I walked around the city on foot or cycled my way around to explore the city.
  2. Amazing Food options.
  3. Keep an open mind, talk to people, listen and you’ll learn amazing things.
  4. Work hard and submit your work on time. I couldn’t because of numerous unfortunate incidents, but your work and adherence to time gives a good impression to the professor and your co-workers. This would open up more opportunities.

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