Editor’s note: It’s easy to brush aside these issues because they appear small.

However, such small decisions in a University are sometimes symptomatic of a larger malaise.

Also, for a student, such issues are many a times bigger than, say, the problems of the Land Acquisition Act.


Respected Sir/Madam,

I, a student of NUALS who choses to maintain anonymity because of obvious reasons, write to you in order to make the following averments with regard to the Notification (No. NUALS/Hostel/22/15) dated 11.06.2015 regarding hostel allotment for the academic year 2015-16:

1. The allotment list is arbitrary as it has been prepared upon the complete subjective recommendation of the ‘Hostel Allotment Committee’.

Herein, many students have been denied allotment without giving any ground for such denial.

At the outset, it may be noted that the criteria on the basis of which such allotment has been made, have not been disclosed anywhere.

In absence of the same the allotment is no more than arbitrary exercise of discretion which may cause great inconvenience to meritorious students coming from all parts of the country.

2. The constitution, membership, powers and functions of the Hostel Allotment Committee has not been notified anywhere.

Consequently none of these is in the public domain.

Furthermore, no records of the deliberations of the said committee is made public. Therefore, the actions of the above stated committee are not compliant with the principle of transparency and accountability.

In these circumstances there is a great potential of this committee to exercise its power discriminatorily based upon unreasonable whims and fancies.

3. Students are classified for which grounds remain undisclosed.

In absence of any reasons or records substantiating the same, the classification doesn’t have any reasonable nexus with the broad objective of establishment of of the hostel i.e. the welfare of the student community.

4. The good practice prevailing in many universities across the country of allotting hostel on the basis of merit and distance from the residence of the students have been ignored.

Therefore, the present policy is unfair and needs wholesome amendments.

5. Lastly, it is specifically contended that there is no forum to challenge any impugned decision of the Hostel Allotment Committee. Hence, there is no grievance redressal mechanism for the poor aggrieved students.

I would like to state in clear terms this letter is not written with any personal vendetta At this juncture I wish to reiterate that dissent is the best form of patriotism. [Editor’s Note: High Five!]

I appreciate the efforts of our current Vice-Chancellor to take the university to greater heights.

And I categorically admit that I have been thoroughly inspired by her words about sincerity. The only reason I write this letter is to make sincere effort on my part so as to ensure that good practices prevail in the university.

I remain urging your good offices to undertake corrective measures and lay down clear criteria for hostel allotment so that the policy is remains fair, reasonable, predictable and not in denial of equality to the students of NUALS.

Best regards,
A Dissenting NUALSian


Note: This is a reader’s blog and has been published on an ‘as is’ basis.

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  1. NUALS is the place where you can survive only at the mercy of few faculties and if you try to mess around with them it will reflect in your academics. Being a national law university you will hardly find diversity in the faculties of the Universities. Senior professors hardly take classes and pay too much attention towards hostel and other activities rather than teaching and research they are more interested in poking their nose into the private affairs of the students. Being a national law university it has hardly any professors and a single associate professor who believe in only doing research rather than taking classes. Here the fate of students are based on internal marks rather than on externals which for sure are being evaluated by the same teaching faculties. JAAGO NUALSIAN JAGO.

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