Student Recalls How Dozens of Student Protestors in HNLU Were Awarded 0/20 in Viva #FacultyRevenge

The story of Sushant moved me deeply and it made me think about campus dictatorship at my own college: HNLU Raipur.

We all as law students must be very familiar with Proctorial Boards (Disciplinary Committee) of our respective colleges.

The manner in which they exercise their powers are such that even the Great Dictator would feel ashamed of it.

If by any chance you are witness to the entire proceedings of the Proctorial or Disciplinary committee of our college, you would either kill yourself or abuse yourself of how the teachers delivering lectures on Jurisprudence may act in such an unprofessional manner. Had they even followed 10% of what they teach, the scenario would be totally different.

Coming to the matter, there was one such Proctorial proceeding going against certain student and as the result came and since the guy in question was suspended for some untoward actions of his, few students went to the Chief Proctor and pleaded for reprieving his punishment since it would be difficult for him to get an accommodation outside the college premises as a result of suspension from the campus premises for the rest of the semester.

The situation however turned ugly and that faculty in charge started abusing all the students present there.

Later on, the other female faculty who happens to be the wife of that abusive faculty at the time of the Vivas, had noted down the names of all those students present that particular day and as they came to her chamber one by one, she simply looked at their faces and said “Jao tumhara viva ho gya”.

Later on as the results were out, it was found that all those students were awarded 0 out of 20, which resulted in various students getting back log in that particular paper.

As the tragedy may sound, that abusive faculty is now The Registrar of our college and the old tradition still prevails.

With the special affection of our Honourable VC Sir, he simply greets us with a devil’s smile on his face and we simply pray to the almighty Lord to keep us away from his sight.

With such tradition and practices of total abuse of power, we may only assume what these poor law students must be facing in other aspects too. To let you give a pinch of hint, “it’s terrible”.

Please email your stories/write-up about ‘Dictatorship at Campuses’ at [email protected] If you want to remain anonymous please mention that somewhere in your email. #JusticeForSushant

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