Stress Busting is a Part of Your Preparation

Stress among students

Preparing for any competitive examination can be stressful. It does not matter which field it relates to, it can be Engineering, Law, Medical or General. Stress is a common variable in all forms of competition and the victim is always the CandidateIt is important that the candidates beat the stress and stop in its tracks. It not only affects the preparation but also lands the candidate with a plethora of mental health issues.

In order to succeed in life, you must always learn to keep your worries and stress at bay. Do not get me wrong, a little bit of stress is important, if you are not slightly stressed then you’re not into it. However, never let that stress overpower you because it has an appetite and it will eat you up. Always beat stress with whatever ways you have available.

Every human deal differently with stress. For some, a night out with friends is sufficient, for others, a trip to Kasol is necessary. While both of these can be considered luxuries for a competition candidate, there are other ways to beat the stress that follows. I say luxury because it involves a certain expenditure and while that may not be a problem for some, the time it consumes can be.

For a competition candidate, especially a law aspirant, there are a few ways to destress which are not time-consuming and if they are then they add to the preparation in some form.

Pleasure Reading

Every student has been advised to read the editorials of a major English daily in order to get an edge and boost their vocabulary. While that advice holds its ground and is effective, there is another way to gain those words whilst enjoying yourself. This method is a cherry on the cake for our young law aspirants since they learn and have fun at the same time.

Reading books by famous author John Grisham can be very entertaining and destressing. This writer has many thriller best sellers that involve murder mysteries and plots similar to what falls in the interest zone of a law aspirant.

Masterpieces like To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee is another book which every law aspirant can read. This book is recommended to be read by every law aspirant and the language used can boost the vocabulary of the readers too.


Who doesn’t like movies? (maybe a lot of people).

Do you like movies? If you do, then there is a treasure trove for you to explore while maintaining a close proximity with your core area of law. These movies will not necessarily add up to your preparation but if you are going to spend a few hours on entertainment, it is advised that you watch a few of these movies.

The Fountainhead is a piece of art that has been applauded by millions over several decades. The black and white flick may require half an hour of your time to bind you but once it does, it’s a roller coaster ride.

The Devil’s Advocate as the name suggests, it is a story about an advocate. Wait till you hear the name of the cast, the main actors in the movie are *drumrolls* Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves. If that does not interest you, there is always Dabangg or Wanted. (Please don’t)

While these movies keep you on your seats for a few hours, they take you on a ride and offers a courtroom feel, something which is priceless for someone who is gearing up to be a lawyer.

T.V Shows

As soon as you read T.V shows there is someone who popped in your head (Am I right *wink wink*). One cannot watch a movie everyday to beat stress since sparing 2-3 hours daily is a luxury that school-goers who are preparing for CLAT simultaneously cannot afford. Reading a book is a good idea but if you read 30 pages and then go back to studying, the plot of the book may keep you enchanted for a few hours and therefore cost you concentration.

Here comes the saviour! There are some tv shows whose plots revolve around the lives of lawyers and one episode is almost always less than an hour.

The first choice is obviously Suits because you need to play the man if you have a gun to your head and remember life is this and you life this (works better with hand actions). While it is a great stress buster and entertainer, do not imagine your life as a lawyer is going to be anywhere near Harvey Specter’s (because that guy’s awesome).

Another good option would be to watch House of Cardsit offers an insight to the world of politics which you will find is awfully similar to the life at law school (Can I get a Hallelujah?)


Believe it or not, games can help you with your preparation. Well, some games.

Every morning when you open that newspaper to go through the editorial piece which is going to help you with the English section, you can keep that paper to enjoy the Crossword later in the day. Yes, this fun game is a great stress buster and an amazing way to boost your vocabulary.

Who doesn’t like coffee? (Again, many people but we don’t care about them)

Almost every coffee place now has a set of fun games which the customers can play and be occupied while they order an awful lot of food (It’s a trap and we all know it). Every coffee shop that offers games has this fun game called Scrabble. This game allows you to form words and this is where you can practise your newly developed expertise of vocabulary and gently defeat your opponent (I am kidding, CRUSH them).

While it is important to prepare for the exam diligently, it is also important to keep yourself away from stress. No exam in this world, I repeat, no exam in this world is more valuable than your mental peace. Always keep yourself in touch with your friends, share your thoughts with them. It is always a good idea to let your parents know about the difficulties you are facing.

It is important that you give your 100% into the preparation but if it demands more, then there is a chance you might lose peace in the process and it is NOT worth it.

Read about mental health issues and tell your friends about it. Suffering in silence is the worst thing you can do to yourself as well as to your loved ones.

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