Strawberry Fields in Words & Pics- The Scoop from the NLS Bangalore Music Fest 2010

By Aruj Garg, Pranjal Singh and Anil Sebastian

3 days. 45 Amazing Bands. 1 Great Show. That’s what is Strawberry Fields, the annual music fest of National Law School, Bangalore.

The first two days of Strawberry Fields saw grilling and fiercely fought preliminary rounds between 45 bands from across the country. Six bands- PeterCat Recording Company, Abandoned Agony, Dark Helm, Goddess Gagged, Franks got the Funk and Farmer made it to the finals.

The evening started off with Peter Cat Recording Studio (PCRS) from Delhi, with their funky music and deep lyrics. With their focus on giving precise direction to their music, they ensured twenty minutes of a pleasant but powerful experience for the crowd.

Up next, Frank’s Got The Funk from Chennai really got the audience into the groove. Farmer then took over with their progressive style, and showed how people from different walks of life, who like and play different styles of music, can combine their diverse interests into a coherent musical performance.

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The audience’s anticipation for some metal music was finally satiated when Dark Helm from Pune took the stage. Given this clearly expressed inclination towards metal music from the crowd, Goddess Gagged from Mumbai would have been slightly apprehensive when they took the stage with their style that amalgamated alternative, progressive, ambient and hardcore music.

However, a brilliant performance from their side made it easy for the crowd to forget any preconceived preferences and roar in appreciation.

And closing the competitive section, local band Abandoned Agony from Bangalore came up with a death metal performance centralised on a very simple philosophy – in their own words, if it’s ‘brutal, gory and bloody’, they like it. And going by the audience’s response to their music, they were not the only ones who liked it.

And then came the co-headlining act by Inner Sanctum, the much famed Bangalore metal band. After competing for two years at Strawberry Fields, Inner Sanctum gave a special act last year and was headlining this year.

The performance led to a big mosh pit as the 4500 strong crowd went berserk. This was followed by Raghu Dixit Project. Raghu Dixit was glad to be back as he competed at Strawberry Fields thirteen years back.

The Raghu Dixit Project had the crowd singing and dancing to their tunes, especially with their signature song, Hey Bhagwaan.

The winners of Strawberry Fields were Goddess Gagged from Mumbai. They won themselves an all expenses paid tour of the country as part of the Hard Electric Tour 2010. They also won a recording deal with Resonance Studios, Bangalore. In addition, individual prizes were also given which included equipment from Reynolds.

A big thank you to our college manager from NLSIU Bangalore Aruj Garg and the other two contributors Pranjal Singh and Anil Sebastian.

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