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Story of a Final Year Law Student During 2020 – A Year of Anomalies | Pandemic Stories


I, with two of my roommates, Shelja and Sonali (changed names) chilling at our PG in Delhi in the midst of March 2020, then one of them sneezed and we made fun, “do we having corona here?”. All of us smiled and got into the discussion that this is just some virus in China that will stay there and even if it comes to India people won’t get much affected due to hot weather here. Then we got back to our studies.

A few days later I heard the news about the increasing cases and deaths in Delhi and read a lot about disease’s rapid human-to-human transmission. People at my coaching (I was preparing for CLAT LLM there) were also scared because a lot of us used to travel long distances by metro to reach Model Town (where our coaching institute was situated). We even asked for online classes but due to fewer cases and the teachers wanting to finish their lectures as early as possible, we continued with offline classes. Then suddenly, sitting in the class one day, I got the notification that Delhi has announced a lockdown for a day or two. We were granted leave.

My father continuously asked me to come back to Indore as early as possible, but I, being in my negligent behaviour, felt that it would not last long so it’s better to stay here only. Soon, due to complete lockdown, I started finally decided to come back to Indore. Luckily that was the last bus to Indore because after that day Janta Curfew was imposed, and then the nationwide lockdown was put which kept extending. After reaching home my parents didn’t let me in through the main door but the back door so that I could take a bath and wash my own clothes and then they finally hugged me.

The time when Hon’ble PM announced nationwide three weeks lockdown me with my father rushed out because we actually had no enough groceries at home to feed 3 people for 3 weeks but looking at the crowd at almost all the nearby grocery stores we came back empty-handed and started making strategy that how we will manage. We had a nice time in those 3 weeks because I was busy with my CLAT LLM competitive studies and my father was staying at home for the longest time ever and with my mother managing home.

Things became a little clumsy afterwards because we could not meet anyone, get veggies or fruits, and were eating the same kind of food every day. Things became dull. My exam’s date also kept on extending and that added a lot of pressure on me because I was studying day and with this new normal and I had no idea till when I will need to do that. My last semester’s B.A. LL.B exams were pending and here also I had no idea that when will I graduate. I became quiet, stressed over career choices, stressed about what will happen next. I started thinking about what will happen if I don’t get through CLAT.

I became cranky and even started having suicidal thoughts pondering over the fact that what if I am not worthy enough, how will I end up with a good job?, how will I let my parents feel proud of me? My course is already a 5-year programme, soI couldn’t afford to take chances for my career anymore and that was affecting my personal relationships with my parents. As the dates were continuously extending for my competitive exam I started looking for other opportunities and then I came across an application for a law fellowship programme in India. I applied there, gave their test, went through the interview, and luckily got selected.

Now I was a bit relaxed as I know I have something good for the next 1 year maybe. I also got done with my online last semester exams too. My online fellowship lectures started but I was not much committed to it and hence could not study much as living in a place for too long with restrictions on going out meeting people made me a depressed human being who wanted to stay quiet. Classes on zoom call were a new thing that we were definitely not used to. Three more months passed studying online, doing projects, and managing home at the same time. By January I was called to some other city to continue the fellowship I am pursuing right now in a residential setting. I came here, now we are taking all the precautions and maintaining the bio bubble.

But this pandemic has changed me both physically and mentally. I was earlier an outspoken person who now finds it reasonable to stay quiet at times. Looking at the sudden decline in the job market and increasing competitiveness and the constant tussle of being better keeps on going in my mind. Pandemic and the lockdown has been worse to many but it has impacted the lives of each and every individual in a very negative sense (of course on a lighter note some rich got richer) and hence, at last, I just want to say one thing, no matter what, stressing won’t help ever, a lot of us are in the same pool but we can at least try being happy and be ourselves because we never know what may happen next.

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