Virtual Internship Experience with The Cyber Blog India: Interesting Cybercrime Cases to Blockchain Technology!

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Name, College, Year of Study 


Name of the Organisation

The Cyber Blog India comes under Stellato Techno Legal LLP, a boutique consulting firm specializing in technology law and cybercrimes.

They have a helpline where victims can call and receive advice if they have been targets of cyberbullying, cyberstalking, non-consensual publishing of intimate photos, etc. Further, they advise lawyers, victims, etc., on how to proceed with a cyber complaint, how to present digital evidence, etc.

Mode of Internship

Virtual / Online Mode

Duration of Internship

The internship was for 6 weeks, from May 17 – June 25.

Process of Application

The Cyber Blog India has two internship programs, one in the summer (May-June) and another in the winter (December – January). Anyone who is currently pursuing law can apply. They publish when their internship program is open on several websites, including Lawctopus. 

I applied for the internship by sending my CV along with the Cover Letter to The Cover Letter needs to be 400 words and should elaborate on the applicant’s interest in technology law. The Cyber Blog India team then shortlists a certain number of applicants depending on the CV and Cover Letter. Plagiarism in the Cover Letter is strictly frowned upon.

After this, the shortlisted candidates (approximately 36 persons) are called for an interview. My interview was with Raj Pagariya Sir, who is head of client relations. He asked me a few general questions about my opinion of plagiarism, etc. and a some specific questions meant to gauge my knowledge about technology law. He then stated that all interns have to work for approximately 6 hours every day. 

First Day Formalities & Impression and First Week Assessment Period

After accepting our position in the internship program, we had to email a signed NDA to the internship coordinator. The weekend before the first day, we had a short call where we were told how the internship would work, our duties, and a general doubt clearing session. 

Main Tasks

The structure of the internship was quite unique. We were to have two google meet calls every day; one in the morning from 10AM and the other in the evening at 6PM. The call-in in the morning was called a stand-up call, and the call in the evening was called a wrap-up call. Both were approximately one hour long.

In the stand-up calls, Raj sir would discuss one topic under cyber law. Through the internship, we covered topics from cybercrimes investigations to Blockchain to Privacy laws, etc. After this, we were assigned our tasks for the day before breaking up. Every day we had to prepare one case summary and research one topic based on cyber law.

Each case summary was of a judgement under where a topic of cyberlaw, privacy law, etc., was discussed. The interns can choose the topic, but Raj Sir usually narrowed down the topic to ensure a focussed research topic. Through the internship, I prepared more than 15 case summaries and researched approximately 6 new cyber and technology law topics.

In the evening, we had a wrap-up call at 6PM. Here we were given approximately 5-6 mins to summarise the case and the research we worked on during the day. Raj Sir made us strictly abide by the time limit he gave us. This allowed us to learn 5 new cases other than the one we dealt with and gave us an insight into the research others were doing, thereby increasing our understanding of those topics. 

In the morning and the evening, Sir used to discuss the interesting cases he had dealt with and the way he did it, any cases that came up during that day, etc. This also gave us a bird’s eye view of how cyber crimes were dealt with in India. 

Every case summary we made was checked and corrected by a member of the Cyber Blog India Team. We had to make the corrections the very next day. Only when this was approved by the team was it published on the Blog. Further, we had to make a research document where we had to document the progress we made in researching our topic. Raj Sir reviewed these documents every day and wrote comments for the same. Plagiarism for both the case summary and in our research document was strictly frowned upon. 

Work Environment

The work environment was very positive and encouraging. Sir was regularly sharing anecdotes and his experiences at law school which made the experience very nice. On a few wrap-up calls, he made us talk about our likes and dislikes instead of the work we did. These types of activities made it easier to break barriers down which exist in an online work environment. Further, if we were getting stuck in our research or had any other troubles, we could WhatsApp Sir, and he promptly solved our doubts.

Good Things

I was completely new to technology law even though I was very interested in that field. This internship helped me explore my interest in a very guided manner. This helped me distill my areas of interest under technolgy law.

I also made case summaries of several bail applications under the IT Act. Though, in the beginning, this didn’t seem useful, at a later stage, these summaries, along with Sir’s insights, helped me understand the view the judiciary takes in these instances, the common arguments of the defence counsel, etc.

Further, Sir gave out a feedback form that we could fill anonymously every week. This allows interns to give suggestions without any fear of reprisal. We also received a T-shirt with the Cyber blog India logo and a diary during our internship.

Bad Things

Interns aren’t allowed to assist in Cyber Blog India’s cases, which was a big negative point for me. Moreover, commitments are not very strictly imposed; thus, some interns take a more lax approach as the internship proceeds.


The stipend depends on the amount and quality of work one does. I received a stipend of Rs. 3000.

Further, suppose the work of an intern is satisfactory. In that case, these interns receive an option to continue with the Cyber Blog India on a more permanent basis.

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