State: West Bengal

Internship Experience @ J.N Bose & Co, Kolkata: Got to hear some of the greatest advocates arguing their cases

Apart from that, the staff present was super friendly and entertaining. Rabin Da would give you coffee/tea/snacks anytime you wanted. The best thing was that I got to visit the Calcutta High Court every other day and hear some of the greatest advocates arguing their cases. By Poushali Nandi, II year, BA LLB, School

Internship @ Advocate J. Sanghmitra Nandy, Kolkata HC: She is a humble woman who happens to be an absolute terror in the courtroom. Especially for the opponents

Main tasks: 1. Accompanying the lawyer to the High Court and various other courts on a daily basis. 2. Assisted in drafting Writ Applications and Petitions, Petitions under Article 227 of the Indian Constitution. 3. Extensive research in probate matters and Civil Revision. 4. Prepared applications in LLRT Cases 5. Daily research on upcoming cases, going through cause

Internship @ Maya Foundation, Kolkata: Shelter for Homeless People, No Stipend

Maya Foundation was in charge of a homeless shelter which provided free night time shelter to people sleeping on the streets at night. However it was seen that despite being aware of the facilities provided, many people still seemed to prefer sleeping on the streets. By Anshuman Bose, KIIT School of Law, 1st Year

Internship Experience @ HOPE Foundation, Kolkata: When you teach somebody it gives you an immense satisfaction

The NGO mainly deals with promotion of education amongst the under privileged children. They stay in slums or at the roadside. Here they are taught the basics of education that why education is needed and the problems that they will face if they are illiterate.

Internship @ Legal Aid Services, West Bengal LASWEB, Kolkata : Work with Justice DK Basu, No Stipend, Rated 9/10

We also had a chance to observe techniques of cross examination and the like. Luckily , I also got a chance to work at Justice D.K. Basu's office. There were a lot of interesting cases on family settlements, matrimonial disputes and so on. We got a chance to interact with several lawyers. By

Internship @ West Bengal Human Rights Commission WBHRC, Kolkata : Lazy Work Environ, Little Work, No Stipend

On those two days, we used to have the hearings of the cases which came for recommendation in the Commission. The persons concerned, that is the petitioner and the respondent would mostly be a government official. The hearings would be interesting in the sense that you can actually see J. Ganguly in his witty best,

Internship @ SBI Corporate Accounts Group, Kolkata : Research Project Work, Amiable Mentor, Rs.8000 Stipend / Month

Thus, when I informed the AGM that one of my areas of interest was Corporate Commercial laws, he suggested that I undergo the Internship in the CAG branch which handles all of SBI's corporate clients, but refrained from mentioning what my project topic would be simply telling me that my mentor would guide me through