State: Karnataka

Internship @ Law Offices of Nandan Kamath (LawNK), Bangalore : Sports Law Work, Amazing Work Enviro, Stipend Rs. 4000/M

Your main tasks will involve a lot of research work on absolutely interesting stuff like Stadium Season Ticket Holders' rights and ad regulations for a big beverages company. During the IPL season you'll be tracking down a lot of ambush marketing for IPL, and filing 'pull down' notices. By Anirban Saikia, 4th year, NUJS

Internship @ LegalExcel, Law Firm, Bangalore: Hospitable Like Home; Feedback on Work; [Japanese Co-Intern]; Rated 10/10

Almost every time there is a legal doubt, sir will explain that to you as a teacher and will have utmost patient to listen and answer your doubts. Initially when I was asked to research on a particular topic, I researched and researched and researched and wrote lengthy brief explaining each and every provision. I

Internship @ M/S LegalExcel Advocates & Solicitors, Bangalore: Medical Negligence, Consumer Cases, Feedback by Seniors

They offer legal advice on several matters, however, they specialise in offering advice and arguing cases related to medical negligence and allied fields. The firm caters to both hospitals and patients. Most cases are argued in the Consumer Fora and have yielded satisfying results to the parties, so much so that in my duration there,

Internship Experience @ Bangalore Mediation Centre; Good Work, No Stipend

The people at Bangalore Mediation Center (BMC) are extremely sweet and kind. They’re very welcoming to new interns. Additionally, they are extremely professional about their timings and work culture. The Mediators were very enthusiastic about interns and told us as much about mediation as they could. They also encouraged us to ask a lot of

Internship at CCL-NLSIU (Centre For Child and The Law); Rated 10/10, No Stipend, Top Notch Work on Child Issues

Then we had regular meetings held where in wherein the rural team also participates and we have new agendas proposed for the next week. I had to do extensive reading about the laws in different countries and having a comparison drawn between the Indian laws and other foreign laws. By Kavita Kumar, ILS Pune