Internship Experience @ State Human Rights Commission, Chhattisgarh: Know about human rights policy

Name of the Intern

Ravi Parmar, UPES Dehradun

My Internship Experience

I am a first year student, from Chhattisgarh, I interned at the State Human Rights Commission of Chhattisgarh, between 16th December to 5th January, and as all first year students I was way too excited for my first legal internship.

It was a dream. I used to hear it from my seniors, experiences and fun, the learning part come at the end.

So as the end semesters ended I started searching for ngo’s, honestly I started with big names but the forms were all filled and I was late then I rooted out for the only thing I’ve been doing since the time I was born, my father, he asked me to search for some place in Chhattisgarh.

Through lawctopus I found Human Rights Commission i.e. CGHRC. I got a number and called their directly.

After submitting my letter of recommendation that the college provided, they approved for my internship and I was all excited.

We had 2 batches morning for girls and evening for boys, things were okay.

First Day

On our first day we were told nothing, I had to figure it out on my own.

Through some of the people who were interning before me I came to know that we had to read cases that CGHRC dealt with and write a report on each case we read in about a page, minimum limit for case report in my internship period was 10 and all the cases should deal with different types of categories that are pre defined.

For example cases against child atrocities (CAC), police custodial death (PAC) etc.

There are 29 categories that our countries human rights commissions deal with. And then the real pain came in as all these cases were in Hindi and we had to then finally translate them into English in our respective reports.

After few days I finally got used to the cases.

Then there was a prescribed format for the report which I came to know the hard way I had made a report for 3 cases then a friend told me that it wasn’t acceptable without the format, it was taken care  of though.


My timing was 2 pm to 4:30 pm which was mandatory.

It was a 21 days internship, they had a 21 days and 30 days internship.

Work Environment

It was fun going there as everyone there is friendly and ready to help but you need to go and ask for help otherwise people there are actually busy.

It was quite an experience as I got to know about the country’s human rights policy and how it actually works, before going there I had a misconception about the term human rights.

It is a lot more than just a term, it actually works on the basis of jurisdiction and not all the cases are entertained there.

All sorts of people used to pour into the office with their complaints but due to lack of awareness of jurisdiction all of their cases were either referred to someplace else or they were asked to leave.

It is actually easy to report all the cases if you have good command over Hindi and English and if you’re done with 10 then keep going as in your certificate all the work you’ve done will be mentioned and more than 15 cases is a miracle.

After some days it becomes monotonous to read long, very long cases and translate them.

Being a local it was easy I headed back home everyday, had a break took half an hour to write the report and done. I had done 12 cases and covered 11 categories. All of the cases taught me something or the other.

This internship experience was exciting and awesome.

On the last day all you have to do is submit the report and the grand viva on the report and your learning about the CGHRC is taken, all they do is ask simple questions on how human rights work, jurisdiction, who can file a case, how trials work, how the investigation is done, role of the police etc and about all your cases and their categories.

If in 21 days you were absent on any day you have to write an application to the chairperson explaining why were you absent, if they find the reason valid they give you the certificate (I had to write one myself).

I would suggest anyone who wants to try for CGHRC try to finish the cases as fast as you can as the burden increases trust me the workload is too much.

Try to the cases of different categories as it adds weight to your certificate.

There are some nice guys there too, Mr. Harish who sits on the front bench would let you pass before time sometimes and also guys from the office room who are helpful to find you cases in which the CGHRC has actually taken some action, these are the cases that are hard to find, cases with actual judgments, as not every case is entertained, only few cases have the action taken part on them, other cases are just cancelled cases which have no value whatsoever.

Try and find cases that have actual judgement and have seen investigation.

The easy way to find these type of cases is to see if the case has a green colored paper called note sheet which has the case status, read the status and you will come to know about the action taken by the commission or ask for someones help if they are free.

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