Started With Corp Law Dreams; Now Want NGOish Work: What to Do?

This question was asked by Shatabdi Patra on Prof. Shamnad Basheer’s Career Advice page here.


I am in 4th year of my BALLB course and am very confused about what should I do.

In the beginning I wanted to be a corporate lawyer but now I am very confused…I want to join NGO and help people…I have not participated in any moots. Pleas help me.


Go with the flow. You still have some internships left.

So try and see if you can do a corporate internship.

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If you really like it, then go for a corporate job. So don’t pick a corporate job only because your friends are all picking them. Do it only if that is your cup of tea and will make you happy.

Our career choices should be primarily driven by our passion.

What is it that will make you spring out of bed each morning super enthusiastic and ready to take on the day with work?

Chose that line of work that you will get you in that spirit day after day.

Once you pick your passion, the rest will follow…money, fame etc etc.

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